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Superior Functional Coating Technologies

The Cleaner Solution

BONDERITE C-MC 21130 - Spotless Performance

New Generation Coating BONDERITE M-NT

Eco-friendly Conversion Coatings - BONDERITE Chrome-VI free Technologies

BONDERITE M-ED 11150/11151 – Low-Temperature and Nickel-free

BONDERITE Autodeposition - Outstanding Coating Performance

BONDERITE Electro-Ceramic Coating (ECC) – Outstanding Features for Light Metals


Technical Information BONDERITE E-CO AT05

Technical Information BONDERITE E-CO ST4

Technical Information BONDERITE E-CO DMC

APNR - Adhesion Promoter No Rinse


BONDERITE Functional Coatings - Fabtech Trade Show Video

BONDERITE M-PP: Innovative New Process vs. Traditional Dip Paint Process

Functional Coatings - Interview with Raphaël Alain, the Operations Director

BONDERITE M-PP: a simple and robust painting process for radiators

BONDERITE & Fermob: One of the highest performance industrial facilities in Europe

Unima and Unilack Success Story - BONDERITE E-AP APNR Compact Unit

BONDERITE – Focus on Cleaning Innovations



Zinc Phosphating Process

Autodeposition Process